Zoey’s Section

Hey There so this is a cool thing for us here at the Nash Doggy Lounge! Well Let me introduce myself! I am Zoey! I am the pup of the family. When you come here you will get to meet me and my “dog mom” Casey! I love her! She is amazing. She can be strict at times and hid the treats or super nice and give me lots of them for a couple tricks. Well I love my sister Paige. And my humans Makayla, Jonathan and Dog Dad Sampson! When my dog friends come over it is so much fun! We play all day in the yard and with all the toys! In the afternoon, I get to take naps in my dad’s room and it is really awesome! I go on lots of trips! I have already been across the United States and peed in 10 states in my puppy lifetime! And by the time I am two, I am shooting for 20! Mom better get to traveling. Here are some of my pictures! And check out my blog over to the right!