What we do at the lounge!

We are always asked well what is that you do at a doggy daycare! Well, We do a lot! Let’s go over what we are not!

  • I don’t have cable so television isn’t on unless I have the Roku out. Which is on the weekend when my kids and husband are home.
  • I don’t have many places to go without the dogs, and if I cannot bring them we tend to stay home.
  • If someone is not here to help me with the dogs, I will make arrangements to ensure that we are not gone very long say 1 hour at the most.
  • I am not beating, kicking, or hurting any dog in anyway. We have other ways of correcting behaviors. We have fun at the lounge and enjoy each and every dog that comes into our home!

What do we do here!

  • We love and cherish each pup that comes into our home and miss them when they leave.
  • We check up on them occasionally! We love to hear from you with a text or a picture!
  • We do dog of the month with goodie bag and a free doggy day care day!
  • Once a month, we do Friend day Friday, Bark Park Wednesday’s, a newsletter starring our new dogs that have came into the lounge, and so much more!
  • Every month we add new things and continue to grow and improve!
  • We let the dogs sleep in a bedroom like they were at home, if they sleep in a crate they will be crated and in a bedroom with someone with them so they are never alone!
  • We treat and give them treats just as if they were our own! If they weren’t spoil enough they will be super spoiled here!

Why do I do this!

I am a woman veteran with PTSD. And PTSD affects everyone differently, it seems to have had a tremendous effect on my mind and body throughout my deployments in the Army over the years I was in. I tried to suppress it and each time at a regular job I would break down and cry or total opposite explode on someone. It became so bad that I could not trust myself to hold a job around the civilian world, I would always be afraid for my life. To this day, I go to consulting every week and ensure that I am benefiting from what I do. I can tell my stories of what happened, I can be better. I have a long road ahead of me, but like a pup or a dog each dog has a story, and I feel their story. Just like them all they want is to be accepted in a world that doesn’t understand. I want them to have a place where they can come and be the happiest ever. Where they jump out of the car to run to the front door and jump in my arms and lick my face! The Nash Doggy Lounge provides a safe place for all dogs of all kinds to come and play.