Schedule a Meet and Greet

A Meet and Greet is one of the most important things of the initial visit. We go will meet your pup/s and you will meet us and our pups! Paige and Zoey are always excited to meeting new friends. Here are some things to remember for our meet and greet.

  1. Every dog is shy. They are like kids at a new place, it just takes a minute to warm up! They might be clingy while you are here. They might be feeding off your nervousness. Just relax, we will take great care of them! Make sure to bring their leash and collar.

    Dog Sitter Daycare
    Our shy dog
  2. Please bring the shot records. These are the shots you will  need before coming to the Nash Doggy Lounge Bordetella, Rabies, Canine Influenza, Leptospirosis, and also the pup/s must be on heart worm and flea/tick medicine. We cannot accept flea collars as a preventive measure currently.  We keep everything digitally so we will scan it in to our computer and you can take it with you. We also have our contract online as well and you can fill it out and it saves a trees and clutter in my home.
  3. While you get here, we will play for a little while and talk about the pups! We have a puppy playground and it is tons of fun! It is like a doggy park without all the public access! We love all our pups so we take extra care of the yard to make it extra fun and relaxing for them. We will be adding so much more for them to relax too.

    Dog Sitter Daycare
    Playing outside

Contact Us! To schedule your next meet and greet today! You and your pup won’t regret it! 912-532-6999 Casey Nash