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Fourth of July 2002 has come and gone, and Americans honored the holiday with a renewed patriotic fervor that reminded me of the Bicentennial celebrations of 1976. As is customary, traditional fireworks displays took center stage and scores of people turned out to witness the dazzling show in the summer sky. With mixed feelings, I sat with friends on a crowded Pennsylvania sidewalk beneath a glittering, mesmerizing explosion of color, pondering the keen sense of sadness and betrayal that overwhelmed my spirit. Looking around at the huge crowds gathered for the annual events, I thought silently, “We are not free.” In truth, we have not been a free people for a very long time.

We celebrate this day in honor of our “independence”. We call ourselves a free people in a land of liberty. Our anthems proudly sing…

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Zoey and being a Veteran’s Dog

Good Day fellow dog friends and family! My mom told me when I was really little, I was really important. This weekend, well Saturday, we met a lot of different people but most were Veterans. Veterans are amazing because they all have great stories to tell you. And they are like my mom. She tells me stories of the time when she served in the Army.

I am her service dog. I do really important things like keep her calm in large crowds, wake her up in a terror, make her feel more safe in an uncomfortable environment for her, sense when she is going to have an asthma attack, and I also tell her when she needs to take a break.

How did I become a trained service dog? Well, I am only a year old, but my mommy’s connection with me is like finding that perfect dog soul mate. She just knew I was the one. I have been with her since I was born or she says 8 weeks. And from that moment, I was her pup. I went everywhere with her. We even got a new car together. I was the first dog to ride in it. I started training at 12 weeks with just her. We learned manners in public and at home. (Daddy says I don’t know any, but when I have the vest on, I know my manners!) After I worked on manners, we worked on socialization skills. Boy, I was good at home. Mommy always has doggy friends for me to play with over because she runs the Nash Doggy Lounge. In public, I was terrified, every thing was scary. Mommy told me, Zoey, you are not going have to worry, I will not let those dogs harm you. Looking back, she was more stressed to get herself trained the right skills and not fail our team, than I was stressing to get eaten by the big dogs. So 20 weeks, we start BIG DOG training. It was exciting. Man, I got to meet new friends, played til I was pooped and I learned new skills. I was already becoming so smart so fast, I fell asleep during each class. Mommy just laughed at me. Hope she listened to the trainer because I didn’t, I needed some Zz’s. I haven’t stopped training yet though, each day we work on our skills, and I figure out something new. In the beginning though, it was tough learning how to sense what my mommy really needed and what was going on, the first she had her moment, I freaked out too.  I remember that day, she couldn’t breathe, she was sitting on the couch and Tank was there. He showed me to get Daddy and then he grabbed this thing and took it Mommy. I am learning how to get things for Mommy currently. We work on that daily. I know hale is her breathes, and shoe is for walking, and leash is for walking, and oh my goodness, I know that harness means we are going to be working. I love to work. I live for it.

The first skill I learned about her, she is an emotional loving and caring woman, but she tells me stories where she use to be angry, depressed, and always sad. She would sit and cry and tell me special stories about Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea, and other places she has seen, then I would notice she would stop talking. She would sit there, not move, and stare then I knew she wasn’t here with me and I would jump in her lap and lick her until she petted me and hugged me and said “let’s be friends” that is our words for everything is alright.

At night-time, I get to sleep with her. I have never went potty in the house or in the bed. So I would make sure I curled up in a comfy spot and sleep. I could hear her have her nightmares, her nighttime asthma attacks, or a moment when she would fall into a night terror moment of screams. I started to understand that she needed saved each time. I can sense them, its my job to be able to detect her uneasiness. Even when she is asleep and cannot detect it herself. I would wake up Daddy first, and he understands that Mommy needs to be awake. We together work as a team, if he isn’t home, I can wake her up by licking her face and hands. She comes back to me and I am happy as a puppy on treats! She uses our special words and then we stretch and either go back to sleep or we play.

She is awesome, Mommy makes my life so much fun. Sometimes we go to her school for the day. She tells me it is because she is not feeling well and she needs support. We go to the store all the time. She has trained me to stay at the shopping cart and watch her. It is an important job. I never know when she might fade out of what she calls thinking in real-time, and when that happens, she just stops and stares. Sometimes she mumbles things, but if she feels me, she comes back quickly and is able to return to the world as normal. She looks to me as a best friend, a companion that is always there, and I look at her like she is my world and she is amazing.

Being her service dog, its like being her battle buddy all the time. I am proud to be hers. I love her.  –Zoey


Casey Here– I tell Zoey’s stories as I hope she would some being light-hearted and funny and then some being more full of meaning. This blog was hard for me to write without giving more of my story too. PTSD and Night terrors are a silent killer for a lot veterans. Most veterans understand that12227710_10154310207529622_999755613882640799_n there are many roads to get help, but there are always those times where we all feel lost. When we feel like no one understands our life or our past and our current struggle to dealing with the memories of our traumas. Having Zoey, my service dog, my battle buddy, has helped me find a way to cope better with my traumas, my dissociation moments, and my other issues. When I feel like my days become too hard to deal with, I take a deep breath and look at Zoey, no one will care for her like me. I cannot leave her behind. Then it begins the cycle of what matters most to me, my kids, my husband, and my family. All the meanings I have, Zoey simply being by my side in a deep depression state can stop a thought of suicide for me. I believe that each Veteran that can benefit from an Emotional Support Animal or a Service Animal should be afforded the opportunity to be granted one. It would be less than 22 veterans committing suicide a day if they had a service dog to just be there for them.  Zoey and I sat at our Veteran’s Salute in Hinesville, GA on 11/4/2017 honoring all veterans. To watch and understand this community of people is more that just a tiny piece of veterans, it is a huge heart of the community. We do not see them under their regular clothes but we are in large number and we are a family. I volunteer through an organization that is like a family to me. The American Legion Post #321.  If you are a veteran or currently serving, comment below I would love to hear your story! We are a rare breed of animal, where we wear a million hats, and expected to dance to all tunes.


Thank you for tuning in today! We love you all– Zoey and Casey

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Zoey VS Halloween

So there we were Friday Night downtown Hinesville, everyone is dressed up in wild crazy things, masks, dresses, and carrying sticks, and big buckets and balls! Mom says that I am her Zombie eating dog::: MOM ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!! You just stained my white fur pink and red with what is this, bloooddd!!! Oh dear no… I don’t think I am too thrilled about this. This just means I am going to have to a bath tonight…. Okay fine bath is okay, I really like those.

Hey, there are kids here! Mommmm… I want to see them! Oh they have something that smells good. If I sit, Can they pet me mom, Please!! The famous Zombie Killer Zoey is now here to save all the kids! As long as you pet me and scratch behind my ears, I will save you!!

All the kids there had either some kind of stick I needed to inspect, an orange ball I needed to sniff, or some candy that needed to be checked. Of course, Mom was every keen on the word NO to me. I knew it needed to be checked and I was going to check it out. She insisted on that NO word to me, it made me just sit on her foot. I know, I know, I have to learn how Makayla rolls her eyes, because I would. I am pretty sure I kissed everyone I could. I am fascinated by those orange balls the kids were carrying. I wonder if Mom will get me one.  I could carry it like them. Well not like them,, but in my mouth and I could get treats. I am much cuter than most of the costumes I have seen out there. Even with the fake blood on me.

Daddy showed up with my kids!! I couldn’t be more happier. The whole family was here. I was so happy I jumped up on Jonathan and Makayla to give them kisses. Makayla said she was a piece of candy corn. What in the world is that? Candy Corn, is that a dog treat? I want one! Jonathan was a blue turtle black suit kind a thing. I have no clue but he had cat ears, so now he is a sworn enemy. I hope he sneezes until he has snot come out his bottom.  Daddy was there, of course, he had to drive. He smelled like Paige, must had been giving her hugs. Its okay as long as that is the only other dog he is loving on. He and Mommy talked and let me head home with him!! I got to ride in Daddy’s car. Oh MY GOODNESSS It is a great day after all!! My dreams of the green car ride day is coming true! OHHH YESS! Back flips front flips! I will sit, stay and put my seat belt on. I will be a very good girl, Mommy! I love you mommy! No fake blood on his seats yes Mommy. Go give Daddy a kiss so we can zoom out of here!

Fake blood, which brings me to this; no more Mom. Never again. It is not worth it. I was covered in it. On my white pretty fur, I think there will forever be a pink stain. Mom said she scrubbed it. But she was so gentled washing me, I nearly fell asleep. I did fall over in the tub while she washed me. She giggled so hard, I thought she might giggle until I was dry. Overall, Mom and I had a lot of fun.  Next year, I want to be something like a taco or cool like a princess. Okay off to my next mission!! Have a barktastic day! 22852073_10156697345524622_7244057914993350162_n

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Do you ever think that one dog can come into your life a make you see the world differently? I do! Zoey is my wonder dog. I know I know to some she is just a dog. But to me, she is something totally different. She is my kid, my companion, my side kick, and my burst of energy. She listens like a champ and wakes me when I need it. I couldn’t understand what unconditional love was until she came into my life. Now I know. I believe everyone should experience it. That connection should be there between the human and dog. Once it is, it is more than just a connection, it is a mutual agreement never to leave them behind.  I know when I come home that wiggle butt will be waiting for me! She will be the first one I pet. She will be the first one to crawl up in my arms and lick the skin off my face and ensure I am the same person I was when I left. But she also isn’t your typical dog. She wakes me up in my nightmares. She can calm me down when my PTSD consumes my mind and breaks me down. I trained her to sense the tension in my body to know when that happens. It was a hard time but it works for her and I.

Let me explain why I have this illness in my life. PTSD, it took sometime for me to really understand what was going on in my mind and brain. I could not control my anger, rage, my sadness, my terrors, or my thoughts. My brain told my body to keep moving just keep doing things, don’t think about those things and it will disappear. The problems did not disappear. It created more problems. Finally, I sought after help.  I realized my brain coped differently than others and I needed to find a way that would suit me to cope but still be me. After talking and coming to terms with myself, I realized that one way to cope was writing. Each trauma that happened to me was horrific, like something off of a movie. The “crazy” doctor even wrote “she watches too many war movies.” Little did she know, I cannot  watch them, if I do, I analyze and process each one in fair detail and wake up with vivid nightmares of not knowing what is real and what is a dream.  Scary huh? What is scarier, 5 deployments, numerous attacks on my truck and convoys, and friends that I would never be able to come home with. When war makes you immune to feeling the pain of death, because you lose so many, what makes you change?

We take a walk through some dark times of life. I believe strongly, our lounge opening was a small tunnel full of bright light that will be filled with good things! Dogs have a great way of brightening up my day! And I love having them over to the lounge. Well August is here and we have an amazing month ahead of us! First we are getting a backdoor screen door with a doggy door! YAY!!! And in September, we are added in a few other great things! I am super excited to continue to improve the lounge.

Well, I cannot wait to see wait August holds! to all the tail wags and puppy kisses we will see you soon!!

Casey and Zoey!

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The Nash Doggy Lounge Episode #1

Good Thursday 20 July 2017, Everyone! Casey here! Each week we will be coming to you with some randomness in our very own blog for the Nash Doggy Lounge! So kick back and take a read! Hope you enjoy!

What summer day in July! How is everyone doing? Well here at the Nash Doggy Lounge, we are playing, having a ball, and staying cool. Today, Zoey decided it was time to de-fluff our orange play soccer ball outside. There was white fluff everywhere. Honestly, it looked like it had snowed in July in Georgia in my back yard. Have I mentioned I loved Zoey so much! Yes she is a doll! Thursday was turning out so much better than Wednesday….. Insert my eye roll now. Yes, Wednesday was soooo wonderful, but we will save that for just a bit later. Let’s get back to this orange fluff filled soccer ball. Now to the makers of this orange fluff filled soccer ball…. I don’t love you anymore. You are horrible people to make me think that this soccer ball was an awesome toy for my puppy. It had two handles and felt so amazingly durable. I mean, the nylon cot feel would only rip, if I took a saw blade to it, or puppy strong teeth… right. Yes, correct. It wasn’t meant for fetch, tug, or play with dogs. It was meant to be set down and looked at. Yes it was. I would never fill it with fluff. GRRRR, why oh why would you fill it with fluff. Oh heaven. That’s like leaving these dogs alone with my couches and saying have a blast just don’t de-fluff the couch. No NO NO NO!!!! Why must you put fluff in a toy soccer ball… why not just put a hard plastic ball in there. So enough rant about this lovely soccer ball toy pictured below. On to my Wednesday that was so (not) FABULOUS.

We should start at wake up…. my toe nail is infected from I don’t know what and now well is starting to hurt badly. And the doctor, so loving says to just use tea tree oil on it. Okay I have been using this oil for a little over a month now on it. Listen, straight on the toe, the skin is peeling off and the toe nail still hurts…. SMH. So I am dealing with it.  Big girl problems.  Then my amazing coffee is made! Ohhh the highlight of my morning is amazing besides the smell of the diffusion oils of bergamot and grapefruit and peppermint!  I went to grab the creamer from the fridge but it is oddly warm, mmm this is strange. So I open the freezer and my meat is ready to cook because it has thawed. So I move all I can to the deep freezer and clean out the entire refrigerator and freezer for an hour. Then I clean clean clean clean it, like bleach clean it and call our warranty people. They tell me that there will be a repair guy coming out and he will call, only for him to have the wrong number. Very funny warranty people. Very funny…. My Wednesday has only started. Makayla comes creeping around the corner into my hugely messy kitchen, looking terrified. She is not terrified, but sad, she has started her period. OH DEAR LORD MY DAUGHTER….. yes we have had a million talks about this day. So she was on the look out for it. But I am not mentally ready for it. So we go into the bathroom and explain without laughing (in my head I am laughing) how to use a pad. I want to cry and eat a gallon of ice cream now. Seriously, I am not ready for her to grow up, can we have a restart on her? But she thinks it’s an illness and can’t do anything and can lay in bed all day. MMM no sweetheart, you are not sick, you are just bleeding from your vagina and will survive. She did ask, I thought it was only one day of the month, how long does it last? I should have said FOREVER, but I was nice and said 5 days. She was like “OMG that is soooooo long, you said it is only once a month.” Yes I did say that, technically speaking it is once a month for 5 to 7 days. Needless to say, she isn’t happy.  Dear Wednesday, restart button now. Then my dear friend Mimi, we go to dinner to see a girl sing. Well that was an epic tragic mistake. The table next to us had a loud blonde lady that was so obnoxious that I was either going to punch in the throat or start drinking. I couldn’t even hear the girl singing. I didn’t even know a nice way to tell the lady to shut the hell up. Maybe I just should have been blunt with her. It was a pub of course, but then would I have been able to handle the bar fight! MAYBE, I do know hand to hand combat skills and my punch is heavy. But instead I turned to humor, and was not OH SO funny about it. And stared at her every time she got loud and louder. LIKE PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP OR I will kill you while you chug your nasty wine, look. Mimi almost died laughing. I am sure the men at her table were thrilled to be there too. But at least the girl singing was good from what I heard and the food was great! If you need a place to grab a great salad go to Fia Rua Irish Pub in Richmond Hill just make sure you eat at the bar! My favorite dressing from there is the Vidalia onion dressing! Then, finally my husband texts me to bring home frosties okay I can handle that… NOPE forget them… totally…. yes I did. So went back to get them. Yes I am a good wife. Then off to the bed for me!

Finally Thursday! All of my dogs today are crazy hyper, no all of them. Some thing must be in the air. They want to be outside in this heat all day long. They are nuts…. So we play in the hose, with tons of fetch toys, and still no nap time. MMM and so I know these pups will sleep great tonight. Today is cleaning day, like not just a vacuum and dishes, like pull the cushions off the couch and dust fans and pictures and everything clean so everyone is upset. Fun fun! We are always meeting new doggy customers. Even the refrigerator repair guy needs a dog sitter.  But we seemed to have fixed the fridge and it works now. Darn I want a new one. But we have to save money for our cruise so its a new fridge or cruise money…. mmm mmm That’s tough. LOL! We are still booking for August and exciting for lounge to grow. In August we are going to install a screen door with nice XL doggy door! We cannot wait! We hope you love our weekly blog and hope you come and join us here at the lounge!


Signing off until next Thursday! XOXO

Casey, Zoey, Paige, Makayla, Jonathan and Sampson!




Where is the most amazing place you have ever traveled to?

Well, I have to say my most amazing trip has been Dubai. It is in the middle east and a part of the United  Arab Emirates. Dubai was simply one word fascinating. From the vast deserts to the bluest beaches I have ever seen to the most luxury ever my eyes have laid on. I was beyond impressed. Honestly, I believe that all of the middle east could be just like this gorgeous city.


Does traveling scare you? The Army life took me many places. SCARY but then really not so scary. I guess growing up always wanting to leave a place that felt like I was being smothered by one small town, made the rest of the world seem amazing and fascinating. When I was little I would climb the tallest tree I could find, sit up there for hours, and pretend I was in this far away city.


Even though, I knew I had a good child hood. When I turned 13, I got my first taste of travel, ESTES PARK, CO!!! My cousins were nice enough to take right after my mom passed away. That week was a good week. Even though, I had to spend most of my spending money on a broken bird that I knocked off the shelf. I still remember Bear Lake! It was beautiful!! That did for me. I knew right there traveling was for me. I wasn’t going to settle and I was going to see the world.


When I turned 18, I joined the Army and the first place I knew I wanted to go, Fort Carson, Colorado!!  If you ask me, that was the best duty station ever!! Gorgeous with the mountains, waterfalls, Colorado Springs, and Garden of the Gods. I loved it there. Honestly, my husband and I have made that our possible #1 to retire at! It is where we met, fell in love, both our kids were born and we both love it there.

fortcar GOGVisitorsCenter-slider3

So from Colorado, I went to Iraq. I know the war. I went three times to IRAQ. I grew a love hate relationship with it. I wanted to know the history. Did you know that is where some of our bible stories come from? Shocked to actually see Abraham’s temple.  Did you that this three-tiered temple dates back to 2113 BC?  Gorgeous right! I was just SHOCopy_of_Ur-Ziggurat-Big MFD05-02CKED when we would drive through a gate and stop to honor it!! In person this thing is massive!!!

But Iraq was more than just a war to me. Being a truck driver, I got to see much more than most. Good and Bad. But we are talking good here!! Samarra Temple in Iraq. I caught this temple on the way to Tikrit one trip delivery trucks. They say that this is a great temple of prayer! I would pray there. (I guess going into the attic brings up good memories!)


Next up was South Korea! Man, it was only a year. BUT WHAT A CULTURAL EXPERIENCE!! THANK YOU AGAIN ARMY! As soon as I landed, I looked out!! It was like your eyes were hit with colorful rainbows everywhere. I loved it. The cultural was intriguing, interesting, and so deep. They knew how to tell their story. The food was amazing. I could go for some Korean BBQ right now!! HA…. But this place was beautiful inside and out. There was so many pictures I could have given. These were my favorite!

Rainbow_fountain_Seoul-Gu-Gyobok-2Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul, South Korea images korean-meal

Finally Afghanistan. Man, breath taking mountains. They also had some pretty good bread and lamb. I would walk to work some morning and that crisp air just took my breathe and lungs by shock. The snow on the mountains is something like out of a book, picturesque! But it made roads in the winter impassible but during the summer left this pretty stream! We had to go get a truck unstuck once.  Ghazni was my most challenging yet most gorgeous place. It was 8000 feet above sea level, the only way I got there was the Civilian helicopter. And they had windows!!!!!!!! I took one picture then fell asleep. I was exhausted!

bamianafghan valley

The life of a Army Vet! It is amazing looking back and seeing where my journey has taken me so far. I write this because every Friday, my daughter Makayla and I watch Amazing Race. She is ten and today she shown me her journal. I was so impressed what she was writing about. At 10, I only knew of a hand full of countries! I was quite terrified of geography in high school. I thought I would never go to Kabul, Seoul, Baghdad, or Dubai. Now, I have been. But she wrote a story for every place I had been by the pictures she saw the night before. SHE BLEW my mind at 10!!!! Everyplace had myself, her, her brother and Daddy going and exploring on great adventures! (she hated writing before the school year started)

What was next blew my mind. She started writing stories about places she wanted to go. Literally looking them up on her IPAD and writing about what she would do there. We have a long bucket list!! I want her to travel the world. I want her to know what is there and why! The story behind it. The meaning. I just hope it is there for her to see. Have a good night everyone!!

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Your Sunshine Chick,

Casey Nash



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