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Zoey VS Halloween

So there we were Friday Night downtown Hinesville, everyone is dressed up in wild crazy things, masks, dresses, and carrying sticks, and big buckets and balls! Mom says that I am her Zombie eating dog::: MOM ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!! You just stained my white fur pink and red with what is this, bloooddd!!! Oh dear no… I don’t think I am too thrilled about this. This just means I am going to have to a bath tonight…. Okay fine bath is okay, I really like those.

Hey, there are kids here! Mommmm… I want to see them! Oh they have something that smells good. If I sit, Can they pet me mom, Please!! The famous Zombie Killer Zoey is now here to save all the kids! As long as you pet me and scratch behind my ears, I will save you!!

All the kids there had either some kind of stick I needed to inspect, an orange ball I needed to sniff, or some candy that needed to be checked. Of course, Mom was every keen on the word NO to me. I knew it needed to be checked and I was going to check it out. She insisted on that NO word to me, it made me just sit on her foot. I know, I know, I have to learn how Makayla rolls her eyes, because I would. I am pretty sure I kissed everyone I could. I am fascinated by those orange balls the kids were carrying. I wonder if Mom will get me one.  I could carry it like them. Well not like them,, but in my mouth and I could get treats. I am much cuter than most of the costumes I have seen out there. Even with the fake blood on me.

Daddy showed up with my kids!! I couldn’t be more happier. The whole family was here. I was so happy I jumped up on Jonathan and Makayla to give them kisses. Makayla said she was a piece of candy corn. What in the world is that? Candy Corn, is that a dog treat? I want one! Jonathan was a blue turtle black suit kind a thing. I have no clue but he had cat ears, so now he is a sworn enemy. I hope he sneezes until he has snot come out his bottom.  Daddy was there, of course, he had to drive. He smelled like Paige, must had been giving her hugs. Its okay as long as that is the only other dog he is loving on. He and Mommy talked and let me head home with him!! I got to ride in Daddy’s car. Oh MY GOODNESSS It is a great day after all!! My dreams of the green car ride day is coming true! OHHH YESS! Back flips front flips! I will sit, stay and put my seat belt on. I will be a very good girl, Mommy! I love you mommy! No fake blood on his seats yes Mommy. Go give Daddy a kiss so we can zoom out of here!

Fake blood, which brings me to this; no more Mom. Never again. It is not worth it. I was covered in it. On my white pretty fur, I think there will forever be a pink stain. Mom said she scrubbed it. But she was so gentled washing me, I nearly fell asleep. I did fall over in the tub while she washed me. She giggled so hard, I thought she might giggle until I was dry. Overall, Mom and I had a lot of fun.  Next year, I want to be something like a taco or cool like a princess. Okay off to my next mission!! Have a barktastic day! 22852073_10156697345524622_7244057914993350162_n