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Do you ever think that one dog can come into your life a make you see the world differently? I do! Zoey is my wonder dog. I know I know to some she is just a dog. But to me, she is something totally different. She is my kid, my companion, my side kick, and my burst of energy. She listens like a champ and wakes me when I need it. I couldn’t understand what unconditional love was until she came into my life. Now I know. I believe everyone should experience it. That connection should be there between the human and dog. Once it is, it is more than just a connection, it is a mutual agreement never to leave them behind.  I know when I come home that wiggle butt will be waiting for me! She will be the first one I pet. She will be the first one to crawl up in my arms and lick the skin off my face and ensure I am the same person I was when I left. But she also isn’t your typical dog. She wakes me up in my nightmares. She can calm me down when my PTSD consumes my mind and breaks me down. I trained her to sense the tension in my body to know when that happens. It was a hard time but it works for her and I.

Let me explain why I have this illness in my life. PTSD, it took sometime for me to really understand what was going on in my mind and brain. I could not control my anger, rage, my sadness, my terrors, or my thoughts. My brain told my body to keep moving just keep doing things, don’t think about those things and it will disappear. The problems did not disappear. It created more problems. Finally, I sought after help.  I realized my brain coped differently than others and I needed to find a way that would suit me to cope but still be me. After talking and coming to terms with myself, I realized that one way to cope was writing. Each trauma that happened to me was horrific, like something off of a movie. The “crazy” doctor even wrote “she watches too many war movies.” Little did she know, I cannot  watch them, if I do, I analyze and process each one in fair detail and wake up with vivid nightmares of not knowing what is real and what is a dream.  Scary huh? What is scarier, 5 deployments, numerous attacks on my truck and convoys, and friends that I would never be able to come home with. When war makes you immune to feeling the pain of death, because you lose so many, what makes you change?

We take a walk through some dark times of life. I believe strongly, our lounge opening was a small tunnel full of bright light that will be filled with good things! Dogs have a great way of brightening up my day! And I love having them over to the lounge. Well August is here and we have an amazing month ahead of us! First we are getting a backdoor screen door with a doggy door! YAY!!! And in September, we are added in a few other great things! I am super excited to continue to improve the lounge.

Well, I cannot wait to see wait August holds! to all the tail wags and puppy kisses we will see you soon!!

Casey and Zoey!