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The Nash Doggy Lounge Episode #1

Good Thursday 20 July 2017, Everyone! Casey here! Each week we will be coming to you with some randomness in our very own blog for the Nash Doggy Lounge! So kick back and take a read! Hope you enjoy!

What summer day in July! How is everyone doing? Well here at the Nash Doggy Lounge, we are playing, having a ball, and staying cool. Today, Zoey decided it was time to de-fluff our orange play soccer ball outside. There was white fluff everywhere. Honestly, it looked like it had snowed in July in Georgia in my back yard. Have I mentioned I loved Zoey so much! Yes she is a doll! Thursday was turning out so much better than Wednesday….. Insert my eye roll now. Yes, Wednesday was soooo wonderful, but we will save that for just a bit later. Let’s get back to this orange fluff filled soccer ball. Now to the makers of this orange fluff filled soccer ball…. I don’t love you anymore. You are horrible people to make me think that this soccer ball was an awesome toy for my puppy. It had two handles and felt so amazingly durable. I mean, the nylon cot feel would only rip, if I took a saw blade to it, or puppy strong teeth… right. Yes, correct. It wasn’t meant for fetch, tug, or play with dogs. It was meant to be set down and looked at. Yes it was. I would never fill it with fluff. GRRRR, why oh why would you fill it with fluff. Oh heaven. That’s like leaving these dogs alone with my couches and saying have a blast just don’t de-fluff the couch. No NO NO NO!!!! Why must you put fluff in a toy soccer ball… why not just put a hard plastic ball in there. So enough rant about this lovely soccer ball toy pictured below. On to my Wednesday that was so (not) FABULOUS.

We should start at wake up…. my toe nail is infected from I don’t know what and now well is starting to hurt badly. And the doctor, so loving says to just use tea tree oil on it. Okay I have been using this oil for a little over a month now on it. Listen, straight on the toe, the skin is peeling off and the toe nail still hurts…. SMH. So I am dealing with it.  Big girl problems.  Then my amazing coffee is made! Ohhh the highlight of my morning is amazing besides the smell of the diffusion oils of bergamot and grapefruit and peppermint!  I went to grab the creamer from the fridge but it is oddly warm, mmm this is strange. So I open the freezer and my meat is ready to cook because it has thawed. So I move all I can to the deep freezer and clean out the entire refrigerator and freezer for an hour. Then I clean clean clean clean it, like bleach clean it and call our warranty people. They tell me that there will be a repair guy coming out and he will call, only for him to have the wrong number. Very funny warranty people. Very funny…. My Wednesday has only started. Makayla comes creeping around the corner into my hugely messy kitchen, looking terrified. She is not terrified, but sad, she has started her period. OH DEAR LORD MY DAUGHTER….. yes we have had a million talks about this day. So she was on the look out for it. But I am not mentally ready for it. So we go into the bathroom and explain without laughing (in my head I am laughing) how to use a pad. I want to cry and eat a gallon of ice cream now. Seriously, I am not ready for her to grow up, can we have a restart on her? But she thinks it’s an illness and can’t do anything and can lay in bed all day. MMM no sweetheart, you are not sick, you are just bleeding from your vagina and will survive. She did ask, I thought it was only one day of the month, how long does it last? I should have said FOREVER, but I was nice and said 5 days. She was like “OMG that is soooooo long, you said it is only once a month.” Yes I did say that, technically speaking it is once a month for 5 to 7 days. Needless to say, she isn’t happy.  Dear Wednesday, restart button now. Then my dear friend Mimi, we go to dinner to see a girl sing. Well that was an epic tragic mistake. The table next to us had a loud blonde lady that was so obnoxious that I was either going to punch in the throat or start drinking. I couldn’t even hear the girl singing. I didn’t even know a nice way to tell the lady to shut the hell up. Maybe I just should have been blunt with her. It was a pub of course, but then would I have been able to handle the bar fight! MAYBE, I do know hand to hand combat skills and my punch is heavy. But instead I turned to humor, and was not OH SO funny about it. And stared at her every time she got loud and louder. LIKE PLEASE SHUT THE HELL UP OR I will kill you while you chug your nasty wine, look. Mimi almost died laughing. I am sure the men at her table were thrilled to be there too. But at least the girl singing was good from what I heard and the food was great! If you need a place to grab a great salad go to Fia Rua Irish Pub in Richmond Hill just make sure you eat at the bar! My favorite dressing from there is the Vidalia onion dressing! Then, finally my husband texts me to bring home frosties okay I can handle that… NOPE forget them… totally…. yes I did. So went back to get them. Yes I am a good wife. Then off to the bed for me!

Finally Thursday! All of my dogs today are crazy hyper, no all of them. Some thing must be in the air. They want to be outside in this heat all day long. They are nuts…. So we play in the hose, with tons of fetch toys, and still no nap time. MMM and so I know these pups will sleep great tonight. Today is cleaning day, like not just a vacuum and dishes, like pull the cushions off the couch and dust fans and pictures and everything clean so everyone is upset. Fun fun! We are always meeting new doggy customers. Even the refrigerator repair guy needs a dog sitter.  But we seemed to have fixed the fridge and it works now. Darn I want a new one. But we have to save money for our cruise so its a new fridge or cruise money…. mmm mmm That’s tough. LOL! We are still booking for August and exciting for lounge to grow. In August we are going to install a screen door with nice XL doggy door! We cannot wait! We hope you love our weekly blog and hope you come and join us here at the lounge!


Signing off until next Thursday! XOXO

Casey, Zoey, Paige, Makayla, Jonathan and Sampson!