Where is the most amazing place you have ever traveled to?

Well, I have to say my most amazing trip has been Dubai. It is in the middle east and a part of the United  Arab Emirates. Dubai was simply one word fascinating. From the vast deserts to the bluest beaches I have ever seen to the most luxury ever my eyes have laid on. I was beyond impressed. Honestly, I believe that all of the middle east could be just like this gorgeous city.


Does traveling scare you? The Army life took me many places. SCARY but then really not so scary. I guess growing up always wanting to leave a place that felt like I was being smothered by one small town, made the rest of the world seem amazing and fascinating. When I was little I would climb the tallest tree I could find, sit up there for hours, and pretend I was in this far away city.


Even though, I knew I had a good child hood. When I turned 13, I got my first taste of travel, ESTES PARK, CO!!! My cousins were nice enough to take right after my mom passed away. That week was a good week. Even though, I had to spend most of my spending money on a broken bird that I knocked off the shelf. I still remember Bear Lake! It was beautiful!! That did for me. I knew right there traveling was for me. I wasn’t going to settle and I was going to see the world.


When I turned 18, I joined the Army and the first place I knew I wanted to go, Fort Carson, Colorado!!  If you ask me, that was the best duty station ever!! Gorgeous with the mountains, waterfalls, Colorado Springs, and Garden of the Gods. I loved it there. Honestly, my husband and I have made that our possible #1 to retire at! It is where we met, fell in love, both our kids were born and we both love it there.

fortcar GOGVisitorsCenter-slider3

So from Colorado, I went to Iraq. I know the war. I went three times to IRAQ. I grew a love hate relationship with it. I wanted to know the history. Did you know that is where some of our bible stories come from? Shocked to actually see Abraham’s temple.  Did you that this three-tiered temple dates back to 2113 BC?  Gorgeous right! I was just SHOCopy_of_Ur-Ziggurat-Big MFD05-02CKED when we would drive through a gate and stop to honor it!! In person this thing is massive!!!

But Iraq was more than just a war to me. Being a truck driver, I got to see much more than most. Good and Bad. But we are talking good here!! Samarra Temple in Iraq. I caught this temple on the way to Tikrit one trip delivery trucks. They say that this is a great temple of prayer! I would pray there. (I guess going into the attic brings up good memories!)


Next up was South Korea! Man, it was only a year. BUT WHAT A CULTURAL EXPERIENCE!! THANK YOU AGAIN ARMY! As soon as I landed, I looked out!! It was like your eyes were hit with colorful rainbows everywhere. I loved it. The cultural was intriguing, interesting, and so deep. They knew how to tell their story. The food was amazing. I could go for some Korean BBQ right now!! HA…. But this place was beautiful inside and out. There was so many pictures I could have given. These were my favorite!

Rainbow_fountain_Seoul-Gu-Gyobok-2Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul, South Korea images korean-meal

Finally Afghanistan. Man, breath taking mountains. They also had some pretty good bread and lamb. I would walk to work some morning and that crisp air just took my breathe and lungs by shock. The snow on the mountains is something like out of a book, picturesque! But it made roads in the winter impassible but during the summer left this pretty stream! We had to go get a truck unstuck once.  Ghazni was my most challenging yet most gorgeous place. It was 8000 feet above sea level, the only way I got there was the Civilian helicopter. And they had windows!!!!!!!! I took one picture then fell asleep. I was exhausted!

bamianafghan valley

The life of a Army Vet! It is amazing looking back and seeing where my journey has taken me so far. I write this because every Friday, my daughter Makayla and I watch Amazing Race. She is ten and today she shown me her journal. I was so impressed what she was writing about. At 10, I only knew of a hand full of countries! I was quite terrified of geography in high school. I thought I would never go to Kabul, Seoul, Baghdad, or Dubai. Now, I have been. But she wrote a story for every place I had been by the pictures she saw the night before. SHE BLEW my mind at 10!!!! Everyplace had myself, her, her brother and Daddy going and exploring on great adventures! (she hated writing before the school year started)

What was next blew my mind. She started writing stories about places she wanted to go. Literally looking them up on her IPAD and writing about what she would do there. We have a long bucket list!! I want her to travel the world. I want her to know what is there and why! The story behind it. The meaning. I just hope it is there for her to see. Have a good night everyone!!

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Your Sunshine Chick,

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