10 Tips From Zoey for Finding the Perfect Dog Sitter

 Ensure the dog sitter loves dogs! 

 Ensure the dog sitter has a backyard and a fence to play in!

 Ensure the dog sitter has tons of treats! Like Greenies, Cookies, Bologna, oh and anything meaty!

Ensure the dog sitter has toys! Like balls, sticks, stuffed squeaky toys are the best!

Ensure the dog sitter has a comfortable couch and bed. Try out both during a meet and greet. If they do not do a meet and greet skip that dog sitter!

Ensure the dog sitter smells good. Do they have a dog? Is that dog telling you a good story?

Ensure the dog sitter pets you! Then go potty in the grass because it is rude to go potty inside. Show the dog sitter you know manners.

Ensure the dog sitter knows what you eat. Don’t worry Mom and Dad will tell them.

Ensure the dog sitter loves dogs again.

Ensure you are not shy. The dog sitter is going to be a vacation from your home! Have fun!



If you have any questions Ask my mom! She is an expert. 912-532-6999